Thursday, May 29, 2008

C is for cookie, F is for Fried Oreo

Yeah, that's right. Fried Oreo cookies. Batter dipped, deep fried...... that qualifies as a Strange Cookie in my book. I found this recipe while browsing one day. Although I will never make this particular delicacy myself, I thought it very well done, with lots of pictures, and a sprinkling of humor (note: DO NOT test the heat of your frying oil by sticking your finger in). Check it out!

How to Make Fried Oreo Cookies

The letter "F" apparently also stands for "F- cup", so for all you ladies looking for a little enhancement, trust the Japanese to find a way to control where those cookies go after you eat them! Check it out, if you dare (there are some other strange products to look at when you get there.) Of course, some might contend that if you eat enough fried oreos, you'd get the same results, but with much less control over where the increase in size might happen.

Scary Ideas: F- cup Cookies

Last, but not least in this Internet Surf Special edition of Strange Cookies, the strangest and most beloved of all cookie-obsessed characters would like to have the last word (or letter, as the case may be....) Be back soon with more recipes of my own!

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