Thursday, April 29, 2010

What, No Cookies?

Oh, there will be cookies. Many, many cookies. Right now? Locked up my mind they are! Hmmmff!

My goal when I started this blog was to only post when it was all worked out, as a complete package with cookies, stories, recipes, everything in its place. No journal entries about what I did this morning, or profuse apologies about not posting, and promises to write soon. So..... oops?

I love getting these blogs together. It is a lot of work, and I do have an idea of what I want it to be like that I strive to meet. There is a certain flow that I'm holding myself to. I've learned a bit about this process, though, that is a bit humbling. For instance, publishing promises about the NEXT blog just might put the kaibosh on the spontaneity of the creative process. "Hey I know I promised 'X', but here's something else instead!" Can we say "Flaky"? (And not in a buttery pastry sense.)

Maybe I'm too hard on myself. I am going to make good on the Iron Chef story, with the secret ingredient: oh, no, I'm not going to tell you.

And wait, did I say No Cookies? I lied. Oops again! Say it with me: "Flaky"!

My boyfriend Ken told me a story about when he and his brother Chris would watch TV as kids. When the commercial for Peek Frean cookies came on, with the tagline "Who ate all the Peek Freans?", they would ask "Who ate all the Freak Peens?". This apparently horrified their mother for some reason and she would tell them "Stop saying that!" in great disgust. Of course you know how such a scenario plays itself out. They were delighted, and she continued to be disgusted by them.

I haven't seen Peek Freans around, and a little research turned up 2 important things:

1. They're still made in Canada, but have ceased production in the U.S. (I believe diehard fans can order them online.)

2. There is an ad campaign from a few years ago that features Peek Frean cookies in an internet soap opera. Wanna watch it?

Thanks for your patience, and thanks to those who have signed up as followers. By the way, I have made the cookie dough. Also, comments are open to anyone, feel free to leave them!

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becca said...

I have never heard of Peek Frean cookies.