Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Words

I have a lot of ideas. I know this is a widespread problem, and that I am not alone.

A lot of my ideas are about cooking. I love to cook. I have had some professional experience, and do from time to time cook-for-pay, but mostly, I like to cook for myself and loved ones. I have been vegetarian for 18 years, and have delved into many styles of cooking from around the world, as well as just putting together my own dishes from my growing knowledge of basic techniques and my own crazy ideas.

That's another thing-- my crazy ideas. Sometimes I think, "no idea too crazy!" and really believe it. A little later, my internal editor weighs in with an opinion. Judging by some of the projects I've had my hand in, I have a permissive editor.

The idea that gives this blog its name has been kicking around since my days as an art school nerd who worked at a wonderful (now departed) family bakery. I've always thought it would be fun to make various odd, unexpected, or incongruous images in cookie form. This past Christmas the idea surfaced again while making cookies for my friend Cindy's catering business. They were snowflakes, with blue and white icing, and silver baubles. I couldn't help but think about my ideas for cookies that look like raw pork chops, or lightbulbs.

I also have serious ideas about cooking, and an interest in sharing some of what I've learned about cooking in general, vegetarian cooking, and bread baking.

My plan is to periodically feature the aforementioned Strange Cookie, with recipes and pattern suggestions to boot. Live vicariously, or try your own hand at making something.

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johnny the boy said...

wow. cookies made fun. i like to eat them but most sugar cookies are just circles. sure, you can bite them into intresting shapes but hey, who really has the time for that these days... my favorite cristmass cookie i would have to say sould be the bunny rabbit. you can't have the alternate manger song without one... too bad we never had a carrot cookie cutter...